China anode carbon block

Anode carbon block refers to a carbon block produced with petroleum coke and pitch coke as aggregate and coal tar pitch as binder, which is used as anode material for prebaked aluminum electrolytic cells. This kind of carbon block has been roasted and has a stable geometric shape, so it is also called prebaked anode carbon block, also known as carbon anode for aluminum electrolysis. Anodes are large carbon blocks which are used to conduct electricity during the aluminium reduction process. Anodes are positive electrodes, typically made from crushed calcined petroleum coke and liquid pitch formed into rectangular blocks and baked.Carbon anodes from RAYIWELL MFG are made of calcined petroleum coke, recycled carbon materials (butts and anodes), and coal tar pitch. The pitch and coke properties strongly influence the anode quality. High-quality anodes help reduce the energy consumption and environmental emissions during the electrolysis
No: Item Unit Half graphite High Graphite Graphite
1 Ash ≤ % 8 5 3
2 Resistivity ≤ μΩ·m 43 35 32
3 Bulk Density ≥ g/cm3 1.54 1.52 1.52
4 Electrolyzation Expansivity ≤ % 1.0 - -
5 Real Density ≥ g/cm3 1.88 1.90 2.06
6 Modulus of compression ≥ Mpa 30 28 26
1.Half graphitic cathode carbon block product standard YS/T287-2005.
2. Half graphitic cathode side regulation carbon block product standard YS/287-2005.
3. Dimension and allowable tolerance should be in according with table 2.
Table 2 unit:mm
Dimension L allowable tolerance
200×200×L ≤2400
According to relative industrial standard
400×500×L ≤2700
500×600×L ≤2400
515×450×L ≤3280
600×600×L ≤3390